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Toothache Treatments

When your tooth hurts, it can prevent you from eating, talking,

and performing your daily tasks because of the pain.

What is the best solution for a toothache?

• While some toothaches can be treated at home with simple at-home remedies, some might need our help.

Home Relief

• Simple toothaches can be relieved with at-home care.

• Start by rinsing your mouth to clear it of debris and other matter that might be irritating your tooth.

• If you are unsure of what to do when you experience a toothache, contact us immediately at 416 925–0154.

A Broken Tooth

• When a tooth is broken or displaced, do not worry too much,

because at Bathurst College Dentistry ® we are here to help.

• If quick action is taken to care for your broken tooth, it should be easy to heal.

• If the tooth is knocked out, try to place the tooth back in its socket while waiting to see us.

• Next, rinse your mouth of any blood or other debris that might be in your mouth.

• It is also important to place a cold compress on the cheek near the injury for further relief from swelling and irritation.

• If you cannot place the tooth back in its socket, hold the dislocated tooth by the crown and place it in a container of warm milk, saline, or the person’s own saliva.

• Make sure to keep it in the solution until you arrive at the emergency room or our office.

A Fractured Tooth

• When a tooth is fractured, rinse with warm water and apply a cold pack or compress to the cheek to prevent swelling and irritation.

• You may also use ibuprofen to help control the swelling as well.

• If it is a minor fracture, the tooth can be sanded or restored by our dentist if the pulp is not severely damaged.

• A fractured tooth needs prompt attention, so do not wait before coming into our office for toothache care.


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