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Safety Protocols

For Everyone's Safety

At BCD we strictly adhere to the new COVID-19 infection, prevention, and control guidelines established by our governing bodies.

It is important to us that you and your loved ones feel comfortable and confident while under our care.

Onsite bathrooms are closed for patient safety. We recommend that you use the restroom before you visit the office.


Patient Check-In Procedures​

Scheduled patients may not bring others to their appointments unless the patient is under 18 (only one guardian may accompany minor).

Other accompaniment consideration is given for translators.

Patients must maintain 6 feet distance between each other in the waiting room.

Masks and face coverings are mandatory in waiting room area.

Upon arrival to your appointment you will be required to use hand sanitizer, fill out COVID-19 screening form.

Front office staff must measure each patient's temperature at each visit and documenting the results on the Patient COVID-19 Waiver.

If patients do not comply with any of the listed safety procedures, we will not be able to provide treatment to the patient.

Patient Check-out Procedures

After the completion of your procedure, you will be escorted back to the front desk are to sanitize your hands.

For more extensive treatment, patients will be escorted to the front desk to wait in the designated check-out area.

Patients are requested to notify us immediately if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms within two business days after a visit to our office.


Entire Team Safety Procedures

At the beginning of each day, all team members (including doctors) must have their temperatures measured and will sign a Staff COVID-19 Waiver.


Front Office Team's Safety Procedures

Office door is closed to manage the office traffic.

Front office area is equipped with an air purifier.

We recommend that you call us instead of walk-in appointments and inquiries.

Must always wear a mask while with patients.

Routine disinfection of front desk area (including waiting room furniture and high-touch surfaces).

Routine disinfection (as per guidelines) of pens, clipboards and other patient contact surfaces.


We adhere to all the guidelines set by our governing body, with regards to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

We have all of the required PPE to practice safely.

Dentist and Hygienists Safety Procedures

Aerosol generating procedures are performed in an enclosed operatory.

Each operatory is equipped with an air purifier.

Dentist and Hygienists will always wear the appropriate PPE while with patients.

Dentist and Hygienists must wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer when leaving or entering each operatory.


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